Salary Range $11-14 per hour

POSITION TITLE: Dental Assistant

REPORTS TO: Dental Coordinator & Staff Dentist(s)


Position Summary:

A full time, non-exempt position responsible for assisting the dentist(s) and dental hygienist(s) in the direct provision of primary care dental services to patients of the center. The Dental Assistant is also responsible for sterilization, preparation and inventory control of dental instruments and supplies.

Essential Functions:

  1. Assists patients in resolving minor difficulties, answering their questions and giving directions to patients as authorized by the dentist or dental hygienist.
  1. Serves as dentist’s or dental hygienist’s chair-side assistant.
  1. Prepares operatory for patient treatment as per Dental Department protocols and the dentist’s or dental hygienist’s directions.
  1. Exposes and develops dental radiographs in accordance with state regulations and law as well as Dental Department directive and protocol.
  1. Performs independent procedures as delegated and directed by the dentist in accordance with state regulation and law and Dental Department directive and protocol.
  1. Maintains Dental Department equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s directions and Dental Department policy and protocol.
  1. Maintains all Dental Department areas in compliance with Dental Department directives and protocols as well as center policies and procedures relative to infection control, exposure control and safety issues.
  1. Maintains adequate operatory supplies and compiles a list of individual item shortages for inventory control and ordering purposes.
  1. Maintains a list of all Dental Department patients, monitors patient flow, and assists the Dental Director, dentist(s) and dental hygienist(s) in assuring that all patient records and documents are properly and accurately completed and filed.
  1. Pulls and files patient charts as required.
  1. Receives and places necessary telephone calls consistent with professional matters, clinic business and patient care of the Dental Department.
  1. Assists with various clinical and administrative functions of the center as appropriate and time permits.
  1. Insures the sterility of all reusable dental instruments and equipment in accordance with Dental Department directive and protocol.
  1. Insures the proper disposal of all contaminated or potentially contaminated materials in accordance with Dental Department directive, center policy as well as state and federal regulation(s).
  1. Performs all functions in full compliance with the center’s and the Dental Department Exposure Control Plan including but not limited to the use of Personal Protective Equipment and Universal Precautions.
  1. Participates in appropriate health promotion / disease prevention activities, both on-site and off-site as required.
  1. Travels when necessary to meet operational needs.
  1. As directed by a supervisor, performs other related and/or necessary tasks to achieve organizational and programmatic goals and objectives.
  1. Responsible for personal compliance in full with all applicable federal, state, local and center rules, regulations, protocols and procedures including but not limited to the participation of a Dental Assistant in the provision of clinical dental care, as well as those relating to, but not limited to personnel issues, work place safety, public health and confidentiality.

Education and Training:

  1. High school diploma or GED certificate
  1. Completion of accredited course in dental assisting preferred
  1. Ability to attend to multiple tasks at the same time and to prioritize assignments and responsibilities to ensure compliance with established deadlines and protocols.
  1. Effective oral and written communication skills in English are required.  Effective oral communication skills in Spanish preferred.


Licensure and Credentials:

  1. Certified Dental Assistant preferred
  1. Current CPR (BLS) required

Skills and Abilities:

Requires a comprehensive knowledge of dental assisting techniques and procedures for all phases of general dentistry.  Knowledge of modern dental materials, their storage, handling and applications is required.  The Dental Assistant must be cognizant of the expectations and concerns of the center’s dental patients and be able to respond in an empathetic and professional manner.  The ability to work with persons from a wide diversity of social, ethnic and economic backgrounds is necessary.  The Dental Assistant must be able to creatively work with other health care professionals from a variety of disciplines to achieve maximal results for the center’s patient from a system of integrated primary health care.

Typical Physical Demands:

Prolonged sitting or standing may be required.  Those physical movements and the degree of mobility, manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination normally associated with dental assisting in general practice dentistry will be performed on a repetitive basis.  The ability to distinguish letters and symbols as well as the ability to utilize telephones, computer terminals and copiers is required.  Work under stressful conditions as well as irregular hours may be required.  Frequent exposure to communicable disease, body fluids, toxic substances, medicinal preparations, radiation and other conditions common to a clinical environment may routinely be encountered.