Bullhook Community Health Center
April 10, 2018
Havre, Montana
Job Type


Bullhook Community Health Center (BCHC) is an equal opportunity employer.  BCHC shall, upon request, provide reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities.

Job Title: Licensed Addictions Counselor                         
Reports to: Chief BH Officer or CMO
Department: Behavioral Health                                     
Salary Range: $44,550 - $63,518

Job Overview:  Accountable for assessing and providing treatment to individuals with addictions to drugs, gambling, or alcohol.  The counselor works with patients in group or one-on-one sessions.  In addition to assisting patients in recover, an addiction counselor may also help families who have been affected by the patients’ actions. 

Essential Functions (Major Duties or Responsibilities):  The goals of an addiction counselor is to assist individuals with addictions become well.  The counselor seeks to find the source of their patients’ problems, or reasons for their disease.  The addictions counselor provides tools, teaches skills and provides links to resources to assist the patient to change destructive behaviors, learn new coping skills, and deal with the addiction.  Counselor refers patients, or families to community resources available for in-patient treatment, behavioral health, medical care, or housing.  Conduct weekly or daily counseling sessions either with one patient or a group of patients.  Besides working with patients, the counselor has regular contact and communication with other behavioral health professionals, probation officers, judges, physicians and possibly family members through written, verbal and/or electronic formats.  Provide patient care through interviews and individualized treatment plans.  Treatment plans are based on the mental and physical conditions, patients’ history, research and the counselor’s clinical experience.  The counselor constantly monitors and evaluates the treatment and modifies when necessary.  Participates in planning and conducting programs to combat social difficulties, prevent substance abuse or improve counseling and health.

Must document all assessments, treatment plans and treatment sessions or contact with the patient, family or other professionals as to maintain the patient medical record according to Bullhook Policy and Procedures and the latest clinical and coding guidelines.  Legal documents may be required and prepared by the counselor to present in court or be included in legal proceedings. 

Team Approach:  Managing patient care is a team effort that involves clinical and nonclinical staff (i.e., physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistant, nurses, medical assistants, schedulers, billers and front end staff) interacting with patients and working as a team to achieve stated objectives.   Emphasis is on ongoing interactions of team members to discuss roles, responsibilities, communication and patient hand-off, working together to provide and enhance the care provided to patients.  All staff are members of the team.  Involvement of the patient/family/caregiver with care team members is critically important to patient-centeredness.

Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience):   Bachelor’s degree in Addiction Studies, must be eligible for Montana State Licensure for addiction counseling (LAC).  Valid driver’s license required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s):   Excellent communication skills.  Ability to listen, comprehend and ask questions and convey thoughts clearly.  Ability to work with a variety of people and follow ethics associate with addictions counseling.  Ability to work independently and as part of a team.  Knowledge of principles, procedures and methods of rehabilitation of mental and physical dysfunctions.  Strong desire to assist people suffering from drug or alcohol or other abuse problems.  Ability to gain confidence, trust and respect of the patient.  Ability to maintain emotional distance from the patient. 

Supervision:  N/A

Physical and Environmental Demands: Work is performed in an office and clinic setting; stands, walks with intermittent sitting; reaches for and uses writing instruments and keyboard; reads reports and other written materials; extensive use of telephone and oral communication with the public and coworkers; stoops; bends; kneels; reaches for; picks up; and pushes or pulls; ability to lift up to 30 pounds. 

Special Requirements:  N/A

Only registered members can apply for jobs.

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