• Waiver Training (Daniel Nauts, MD, PCSS-MAT/ASAM Trainer) SLIDES
  • The Methamphetamine Problem (Daniel Nauts, MD, Recovery Center Missoula) SLIDES
  • Removing Barriers – Tx of OUD (Daniel Nauts, MD, Recovery Center Missoula) SLIDES
  • Harm Reduction (Daniel Nauts, MD, Recovery Center Missoula) SLIDES
  • Waiver Training (Bruce Trigg, MD, PCSS-MAT/ASAM Trainer) SLIDES
  • Waiver Training Trigg Supplemental (Bruce Trigg, MD, PCSS-MAT/ASAM Trainer) SLIDES
  • Developing Collaborative Partnerships and Better Integrating Care (Jason Mallonee, Western Montana Mental Health Center) SLIDES
  • The Methamphetamine Problem (Daniel Nauts, MD, Recovery Center Missoula) SLIDES
  • Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy (Debra Guinn, MD, Kalispell Regional Medical Center) SLIDES
  • Neonatal Withdrawal Syndrome (Kristin Veneman, DO, Kalispell Regional Medical Center)SLIDES
  • Treatment of Opioid Addiction (Robert Sherrick, MD, Kalispell Regional Medical Center) SLIDES
  • Panel on Treating Patients With SUD (Daniel Nauts, MD, Recovery Center Missoula) SLIDES



Articles of Interest or Reference

 ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine

  • Practice Guidelines – Several
  • Up-to-Date Clinical Research and News

Clinician Consultation Center 

  • UCSF – Substance Use Management
  • Clinically supported advice on substance use management for healthcare providers. Peer-to-peer consultation from physicians, clinical pharmacists and nurses with special expertise in substance use evaluation and management.  Submit a case online or call, 855-300-3595.
  • Substance Use Warmline Flyer(PDF)

Continuing Education

  • Waiver – PCSS/ASAM offers for prescribing providers a two part training- first in-person for 4 hours and then 4 hours of on-line training.  After you attend an in-person training and sign in AND out, that attendance list will go to Marie,  She will send you the link to the on-line modules.  Complete them and then you will receive a link to a Satisfaction Survey.   After you fill this out, you will receive a CME certificate.  Contact Marie for issues. Complete the on-line training within 30 days.   If you want your waiver, you will need your CME certificate to submit to SAMSHA, infobuprenorphine@samshsa.hhs.govor by faxing a copy to 301-576-5237.  You can also fill out the online waiver form on SAMSHA’s website or through their mobile app MATx.



NIDAMED – National Institute on Drug Abuse

PCSS – Providers Clinical Support System – Models of Induction 

Peer Network

  • Montana’s Peer Networkis a statewide peer run 501c3 non-profit recovery organization with a mission to lead the expansion and development of recovery-oriented behavioral health services in Montana.

SAMSHA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

  • Order resources free from 
  • Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIP) 63 — Executive Summary PDF
  • TIP 63 — Medications for Opioid Use Disorder PDF
  • Link  to new SAMSHA products on reducing use of tobacco products among clients with substance use disorders – geared specifically toward SUD treatment settings.
  • “Implementing Tobacco Cessation Programs in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Settings – A Quick Guide for Program Directors and Clinician.” PDF
  • “Provider Pamphlet: Quitting Tobacco – Help your Clients to a Healthier Life.” PDF
  • “Client Pamphlet: You Can Quit Tobacco – Benefits and Tips to Quit for Good.” PDF

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