Addiction Medicine Network

Group Purpose: Expanding access to addiction medicine expertise statewide in primary care, critical access hospitals, obstetrics, pediatrics, behavioral health, criminal justice systems, and emergency departments and identifying effective strategies for the elimination of stigma and discrimination.

Training/Education Needs:

  • Alcohol treatment and withdrawal
  • Pain and Addiction / Treating Pain How to approach patients who are firm in their believe that they are not addicted, and who are doing well.
  • Benzodiazepine education
  • Methamphetamine education and treatment
  • More on integration models for various settings
  • Motivational Interviewing and Brief Solution Focused
  • Harm Reduction
  • Home Induction
  • OUD/SUD and Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Alternative care models
  • Pre/Peri Natal care
  • Future of Tele-Med
Integrated care helps organizations to:

  • Emergency Department development and protocols for discharge **
  • Know Your Dose
  • Stigma and discrimination – How and what works. “Dancing vs. wrestling”. is the mark of disgrace.
  • How can we address the stigma in Montana? The line between stigma and discrimination is fine.
  • Universal screening
  • Educating all staff
  • Trauma informed care
  • Hospital: Addiction Consults
  • Grand Rounds presented by AMN peer within their communities
  • Diagnosing OUD – do providers truly understand how to do this?
  • Medicaid: we need to bring data to them – how will this work?
  • Criminal Justice efforts ***
  • Tele-Med **
  • Housing ***