Patti Robinson and Kirk Strosahl will facilitate a virtual meeting about the pros and cons of integrated and siloed care. Participants will have an opportunity to talk about wins and challenges and to consider opportunities for change. Robinson and Strosahl will introduce a Guide for Implementation of Integrated Care that includes a self-assessment tool for clinics to use in reflecting on current practices and to identify possible changes to enhance patient access and satisfaction with behavioral health care, as well as improved provider experience with addressing behavioral health needs of patients they serve. The model suggested by the guide and the tools provided in the guide are informed by the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model, a full integration model with empirical support for providing a strong platform for delivery of population-based care services to patients of all ages and with both medical and psychological problems. 

This is a continuation from the Coming Out of the Silos training in Red Lodge, but is open to anyone wanting to learn more about Integrated Behavioral Health. 

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