If you are looking for information about health insurance coverage and want to talk to someone who can walk you through the process, please visit the Cover Montana website.

1 in 10 Montanans have lost coverage
In the last year, more than 125,000 Montanans have lost Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids, but we have an opportunity to get these folks covered again. Anyone who lost Medicaid or Healthy Montana Kids can still enroll in health insurance through Healthcare.gov through November 30, 2024. Montanans who still qualify for Medicaid or Healthy Montana Kids can enroll anytime.

How you can help
Cover Montana is working to build a broad network of partner organizations who are ready to engage their community and clients to Get Covered Again. But every organization is different so there are lots of different ways to engage any you don’t have to do it alone, Cover Montana provides the training, resources, and support you need to get involved.

Step 1 – Screen: Help identify who has lost coverage
Step 2 – Enroll: If you can, help folks sign up for coverage
Step 3 – Refer: If you can’t do enrollment, or have a complex case, refer them over to the Cover Montana team!

If you want to get involved, sign up below and Cover Montana will be in touch about next steps!

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Health insurance coverage is good for individuals, families, and Montana communities. Health insurance helps to keep Montanans healthy, but also strengthens local economies and keeps local clinics and hospitals open.
Cindy Stergar, CEO, Montana Primary Care Association

Trainings & webinars:



  • April Cover Montana Monthly Webinar – Focus on the Medicare Savings Program: recording – slides
  • Updated – MAGI Medicaid Basics – May 10, 2024:  recordingslides
  • March Cover Montana Monthly Webinar – Making Sense of Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnancy Medicaid: recordingslides

PDFs of print materials are available below, but Cover Montana has free printed materials available. Email info@covermt.org to order print materials and we’ll either mail them or drop them off at your organization.

Social Media: Check out the toolkit for sample social media posts to use with these images.

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