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The Licensed Clinical Behavioral Health Provider works as a core member of the Collaborative Care Team which involves the patient’s primary care provider and other mental health, addiction or substance abuse providers, as appropriate, to provide comprehensive patient centered health care within Alluvion Health. The Licensed Clinical Behavioral Health Provider is responsible for coordinating and supporting appropriate patient centered mental health care within the parameters of the Health Center’s Patient Centered Medical Home Certification and ensuring services meet appropriate levels of care based on the patient’s diagnosis and need.

The Licensed Clinical Behavioral Health Provider may provide evidence-based treatments or collaborate to provide care with other mental health providers at Alluvion Health when necessary and appropriate.

All employees will exhibit the following behavioral traits:

Integrity and Trust

Individual is widely trusted and can present information and discuss situations in an appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences, admits mistakes, doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain. Is respectful in action and communication with clients, patients and staff.

Mission Integration

Adheres to the organization’s mission during times of ease or challenge, is dedicated to the expectations and requirements of the mission and vision, acts in line with the values identified by Alluvion Health.

Team Relations

Understands and supports the team approach and integrated model of Alluvion Health. Is seen as a team player, cooperative and supportive of his/her coworkers, practices what he/she preaches. Can be candid with peers and fosters open dialogue. Creates a feeling of belonging

on the team and holds self and team accountable to those behaviors.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

1. Support and closely coordinate mental health care with the patient’s primary care provider and when appropriate other mental health providers;

2. Evaluate and gather information from patients regarding mental health and substance abuse disorders in accordance with the DSM-5;

3. Use measurement-based tools to track patients, in person and by telephone, for changes in clinical symptoms and gather information about treatment side effects or complications;

4. Coordinate with other members of the care team as needed;

5. Support psychotropic medication management prescribed by PCPs by asking questions about treatment adherence, side effects and other complications, and effectiveness of treatment;

6. Facilitate in-clinic or outside referrals to evidence-based psychosocial treatments as directed by other team members;

7. Participate in regularly scheduled caseload consultation with the Psychiatric Consultant and facilitate communication regarding treatment recommendations to the patient’s PCP. Consultations will focus on patients new to treatment or who are not improving as expected, as evidenced by PHQ-9 scores;

8. Facilitate patient engagement and follow-up in care;

9. Evaluate patient care plans with care team;

10. Document patient encounters, patient progress, treatment, and follow-up care in the electronic medical record system within the scope of practice;

11. Facilitate referrals for clinically indicated services outside Alluvion Health (mental health specialty care, substance abuse treatment, housing assistance, etc.);

12. Attend and participate in meetings and Quality Improvement activities as required;

13. Serve as a member of committees as requested;

14. Participate in peer review as part of Quality Improvement activities and in compliance with Health Center Policies;

15. Maintain confidentiality according to HIPAA;

16. Work as a team player with staff and other community organizations to ensure quality services and program requirements are met to carry out the goals and objectives of the Health Center program;

17. Perform duties efficiently and effectively;

18. Follow Alluvion Health policies and procedures;

19. Establish and maintain productive working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, and the public;

20. Perform other duties as required or assigned.

Knowledge and understanding of:

· Differential diagnosis of mental health and/or substance abuse disorders;

· Evidence-based psychosocial treatments for mental health disorders;

· Brief, structured intervention techniques -Motivational Interviewing, Behavioral Activation;

· Psychopharmacology for common mental health disorders that is within the appropriate scope of practice;

· Basic computer data entry;

· General office practices;

· Community resources;

· Cultural sensitivity;

· HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules;

· Safety policies and procedures.

Skills in:

· Time management and organization;

· Strong communication;

· Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Windows, Internet, electronic medical record systems;

· Excellent customer service;

· Written and verbal communication.

Ability to:

· Collaborate effectively in a team setting;

· Maintain effective and professional relationships with patients and other members of the care team;

· Effectively engage patients in a therapeutic relationship, when appropriate;

· Screen for common mental health and/or substance use disorders;

· Assess patients and create treatment plans for common mental health and/or substance abuse disorders;

· Respond appropriately to an emergency or crisis situations;

· Adapt to changes in the work environment;

· Manage competing demands, changes in approach or method to best fit the situation;

· Deal with frequent change, delays and or unexpected events;

· Adhere to a high degree of confidentiality and sensitivity towards the families involved;

· Maintain confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules;

· Work with patients with diverse social economic and cultural backgrounds in an empathic, non-judgmental, respectful and professional manner;

· Work with people from all walks of life, such as individuals with various social and emotional histories, high risk, unemployed, and homeless, abused and people with mental health conditions;

· Work independently with little direction but also with a team;

· Read and comprehend materials;

· Analyze and compile information;

· Pass a criminal background check;

· Observe required work hours;

· Communicate effectively orally and in writing;

· Demonstrate punctuality;

· Meet established timelines and/or deadlines;

· Observe established lines of authority;

· Identify problems that adversely affect the organization and its functions;

· Offer positive suggestions for improvements.


· Masters in Social Work or Clinical Mental Health Counseling required.


· Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Montana.

· Valid Driver’s License issued by the State of Montana.

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