What is MAT Chat?

A webinar meeting for Montana waivered providers to ask questions, share thoughts, and help each other improve care delivery for persons in a MAT program.

Goals of MAT Chat

  • Offer connecting place for Montana waivered providers who are prescribing MAT to bring their questions and/or learn of help resources for complex questions/situations;
  • Have on each webinar/call at least one experienced MAT prescriber;
  • Improve number of MAT waivered providers¬†in Montana; and
  • Improve number of patients receiving MAT services.

Why do MAT Chat?

After and at recent MAT trainings, some prescribing providers have asked for:

  • A forum to ask questions peer to peer or provider to provider with other providers for this service;
  • A webinar/phone meeting since it is hard to meet in person;
  • And early or late meeting time, as it is very hard to pull away during clinic hours; and
  • Monthly meetings as MAT services start up at clinics.


MAT Chat will be open to Montana waivered providers and other waivered providers are welcome.


Mat Chat is the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7AM.

The next MAT Chat is December 12 at 7AM. You can register here. The webinar is run via Zoom.

For questions, Please contact Tammera Nauts, MPCA Director of Integrated Behavioral Health (MH/SUD/MAT), tnauts@mtpca.org