The Medicaid unwinding started in April 2023

What is the Medicaid unwinding?
During the COVID-19 public health emergency, Montana Medicaid didn’t process redeterminations to check eligibility for Medicaid. There are now more than 300,000 Montanans covered by Montana Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids. In December 2022, Congress passed a bill that set a date, April 1st, when states can start the process of checking eligibility for Medicaid enrollees. This process is often referred to as the “Medicaid unwinding.”

Will everyone be renewed at once?
No. Montana will take 10 month to complete renewals for all enrollees. Each month (starting in April) a different group will start the renewal process. The final group will start the process in January of 2024.

What is the Department sending out? I just heard that my patients/clients got a notice? 
The Office of Public Assistance recently (mid-March) sent out a notice to all enrollees about upcoming changes. You can see a copy of that notice here. The notice doesn’t end anyone’s Medicaid, just provides information about what is happening with renewals and program changes in the coming months.

Where is the Department of Public Health and Human Services sharing information about the Medicaid unwinding process?
The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has a new page dedicated to unwinding information. The page has sample notices, frequently asked questions, and more. The Department also has a data dashboard of unwinding data.

Help spread the word about the Medicaid unwinding process! 

Cover Montana, a program of the Montana Primary Care Association, put together a Montana Medicaid Unwinding Communications Toolkit. It provides an overview of the Medicaid Unwinding and ideas and messaging to help organizations and agencies share information about the unwinding. The national organization, Young Invincibles, has also put together a great communications toolkit focused on the unwinding.

These resources provide information about the steps Montanans need to take to stay covered:

These resources focus on updating contact information with the Office of Public Assistance:

DPHHS Information & Resources:

Where can I get copies of the print materials?
MPCA has printed materials available at no cost and we can either deliver or mail them to your organization. For questions or to get materials, email Julie Burrows.

Where can I learn more about the Medicaid unwinding?
You can sign up for the Cover Montana email list and we’ll send you email updates that include info about the Medicaid unwinding. Cover Montana emails also include information about upcoming webinars focused on all-things Medicaid unwinding. Check out MPCA’s Cover Montana page here.