Health centers are a vital part of the health care safety net. This role continues when communities face disasters and emergencies. CHCs are expected to have in place an Emergency Preparedness Program that is responsive to the needs of patients and assessed risks, includes planning, provides training, maintains documentation, includes practice drills and collaborates with local emergency preparedness community leaders. This program needs to align with CMS requirements and HRSA expectations. Montana CHCs can contact state preparedness partners to be part of an emergency notification system, training updates and information on regional coalition activities. MPCA will assist with education on basic requirement needs for CHCs.

State of Montana


  • ASPER TRACIE: A national resource site for CHCs and other health care entities. Login for free resources.
  • HRSA Disaster and Recovery Resources
    • How to change scope and add a temporary site
    • In disaster, how to enroll in 340 B if you are not already enrolled
    • FTCA links to help you plan
    • Contact HELP LINE- 877-974-2742
  • CMS Rule
  • Direct Relief
    • Call by phone 1-805-964-4767 or 1-800-676-1638
  • Americares